Mobile First

We have expertise in developing responsive mobile friendly infrastructures. Our designs are device friendly.

Open Channel communication

We believe in keeping our stakeholders informed and updatedwith open and latest  communicationchannels.

Focus on detail

Web is cluttered with a load of stuff. We strive to focus onwhat is relevant for our clients and provide them extremely customized solutions.

Inclusive culture

We are an inclusive organization with employee friendly policies and welcoming culture.

We love Videos

We love multimedia, from classic videos to high speed streamingvideo files of today we develop products around all type of media.

We are a responsive team

Get in touch with us to make the next big thing happen. Ourresponsive team will get in touch with you and create the magic together.

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In short about us

We primarily develop exciting products to make client life easier. We intent to keep teams smaller and mangement is done though basecamp. We believe that clear communication and direction is very critical for any company to grow and help its stakeholders grow as well.We are not in a beusienss of tech but in making our clients life easier and help them reach their objectives and in doing so we reach ours.

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  • Our offices dont looks like typical office space
  • We believe state of fun creates the best work
  • Teams are diverse and excellent learning oppertunities
  • Exposure to end to end solutions
  • The company was founded as an hobby in college dormroom.
  • We encourgae diversity and thought process and always work on improving our work execution
  • We built this website in 45 mins.